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Transporter 3

The movie is billed as high adventure with a thrill a minute. The movie starts out with two men on a cargo liner looking for and opening a container expecting to find alcohol. The enter the container and find several containers. Upon opening a container an alarm sounds and other crew come down wearing masks. The find the men dead and the Captain tells the others to clean it up.

Cut to Frank sitting on a boat with an Inspector friend fishing. Meanwhile, a  cruise ship pulls in and a black car disembarks. As the car is pulling thru customs it is moved to the side for random check. The occupants are informed to gather their papers and go inside. The driver asks if it is really necessary  and as the police office tells him go inside and walks away, the driver takes off. Cut back to the boat and the Inspector gets a call about this and jokes about the only person he knows ho would drive that way is Frank who has an alibi. At this point they they decide to go back in as Frank get’s a bite.

We are now at home with Frank where he has cooked and ate his catch and is dreaming. The dream is about a recent job offer he refused but gave them another name. A few moments later the black car from earlier crashes into the wall as Frank narrowly escapes. As he check on the passenger it is the man he referred who has been shot and unable to really talk. Frank had called an ambulance which has arrived and gurney him out. As they are leaving Frank puts together the ticking bracelet and tries to stop the ambulance as it explodes. He then runs inside and finds the girl in the back seat how vaguely warns him as he is hit over the head.

As Frank awakens he finds himself undressed with a bracelet on. As his kidnappers arrive all is revealed about the bracelet and he is forced into the job.

Thru the course of the movie Frank once again breaks his own rules and disobeys as often as possible trying to break the hold of his captors. Many standard fight sequences, a few shots of Statham without his shirt and the story is all down hill.

If you haven’t seen the first two Transporters you might find the movie enjoyable with it’s elegant fight sequences. But overall the movie was mediocre and and really didn’t hold my attention very well.

Transporter 3

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Went this past week to see a sneak preview of Australia and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a while. First off don’t make the assumption this is a "chick flick" but it has those elements. The movie has a wonderful blend of love, adventure, action, and history.

The story is told from the view of a young mixed heritage aboriginal boy. The opening shows the boy with his grandfather fishing in an area they call Billabong. The boy sees several men down the way and the grandfather tells him to hide. As he is lying in the water a man falls in who has been killed with a spear. This starts a series of events around the grandfather.

Meanwhile in England Lady Sarah Ashley (played by Nicole Kidman) has decided the land in Australia her husband has bought needs to be sold and he must return home. So she sets off to the land down under.

Now in Australia you enter a bar and meet the man who has been tasked with bringing Lady Ashley out to Faraway Downs. The Drover (played by Hugh Jackman) is waiting in a bar while a black friend is waiting outside to watch for Lady Ashley’s arrival. He quickly gets into a fight and as he is fighting Lady Ashley appears on the porch asking for him. As the fight continues it spills out onto the porch and consumes Lady Ashley’s luggage in the process.

The story starts out about Drover was hired to drove 1500 head of cattle to market and thru several events Lady Ashley ends up having to help with the cattle drive. Half way thru the movie of course the Drover falls in love with the hardheaded Lady Ashley but is unwilling to commit. This sets the second course of the movie as World War II comes to the shores of Darwin.

The story held my attention even though it was about 2 hours and 40 minutes long. Throughout the story there are a lot of hints and twist in the plot to look for such as the name of the town. There are hints such as "Fox Trot" which add a bit of humor and frame a sequence of events to the story. Australia is well put together and flows very nicely. In the end they bring everything to nice close and add the last bits of Historical information as relates to the overall story.

Australia Movie Homepage

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Bud Light Party Cruise

We got back on Nov. 3rd and I have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Anyway the cruise was amazing. The first night the halloween party was just crazy with outfits you would have to see to believe. Sorry, I was enjoying the trip and didn’t focus on any particular pictures but wht I have can be found here (http://antares686.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!7E90223D10225B49!637/). Anyway the amount of free beer was just about right, I was able to keep a nice buzz going the enitre trip (except Sunday as I wanted to see the concerts).
We set sail from Miami on the Majesty of the Sea on Friday, Oct. 31st. First thing we had to do was an emergency drill (pic of wife in album with vest on). That night was the Halloween party. After awhile we went to the room and I got still for a moment, it was amazing to feel the sway of the boat with a good buzz, waqs surprised by the amount of movement I felt.
Next morning, we were up early (not sure why other than excited) and watched from the desk when we got into Nassau. We pulled into the dock area and it looked like we were going to ram the dock itself. Then they turned the eniter ship around and backed it in. We disembarked after a while and me and the wife checked out the straw market for a bit. We wanted to egt food there so we asked where the best local cuisine was and was direct to the Fish Fry. We walked for about 1-2 miles before we got to it and dropped into one of that areas dives. I tried the Conch fritters (basically hushpuppies with conch meat in them) and then I got the Fried Lunch Conch Snak (should have taken a picture of the amout of food). Was like eaing calimari if you ever go and are curious enough to try. From there we hit the flea market across the street. We found some of the same items as the straw market there for half the cost without talking them down. Anyway I picked up a book of poetry entitled "african children cry" by Valerie Knowles (africanchildrendry@gmail.com) which she signed for me. I have read thru most of it already and find it very interesting. Serveral items about sex and disease, all of which are very direct and captures life for some people very well. From there we made our way back to the boat, along the way checking out a small car show (pics in album) and the jewelery shops (sorry to say the prices there were not any better than here in the US for what I was looking for).
Back on the boat that evening the Captians party kicked of and there was Bahama Mamas, Rum Punch, Merlo, and Chardonnay. I think I drank 9 or 12 but lost count as the party wound down. Once that happend they handed my wife a half dozen Bahama Mama’s and the other folks around us started passing them over as they were handed more. After, we went to eat and spent a little time in the room then headed across on our deck to the 80’s party (sorry I grew up during then). Wife went up top after a bit to check out the party on top and I hun out with the couple we met the night before at dinner. After a while I went up and got her and we all partied bak in the dance club.
Sunday morning, we dropped anchor at CocoCay. We had to ride a tender (small little boat with lot’s of seating) from the ship to the hore and the waves were rolling nicely. Once there me and the wife dropped our butts in a hammock for a bit. After a while I got ansy and went looking around. I came back over to catch the Barenaked Ladies warm up. Me and the wife walked around for a bit then headed back over to catch the concert. The starting act was OAR, then Barenaked Ladies, and finally All American Rejects. My personal favorite was Barenaked Ladies. Can’t say I enjoyed AAR but I had seen them before and they just try to act punk entirely to hard to be real (and before you blast me remember this is my blog and my opinion is all that counts here). There was free beer all during the concert and I have no idea what my final total was. After a bit we went back to the boat and enjoyed the rest of the evenings parties.
Monday morning they trhew us all of the boat and we headed home. Along the way we talked to various people who had been on the trip.
Would absolutely want to go again if Bud Light every does it. We met a lot of nice and interesting people. There were people there of all ages. But the best part of the trip is it was 21 and older only. I overheard they served more then 1700 or 17000 (last seems to high) cases of Bud Light.
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